Our Operations

OEM/ODM for Telecom Operators

We are able to provide hassle free contract manufacturing of your specific device. We carry out joint consultation exercises with Telecom operators with their Marketing / Technical / Operations / Customer Care  & Business Teams on targeting particular markets with specific price points and launch with Telecom Operator branding.

This requires full scope of reengineering and backward integration from design stages to complete EMS processes to achieve the segment targeted price points and market addressal timelines.

This requires us to do a full 360 degree scope of product, namely design, layout, architecture, specifications, branding, accessories, testing, quality control, managing  supply chain & logistics.

OEM/ ODM for private brands

We manufacture made to order products for private brands across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions.

With our customers in mind, we increase their market share by reducing the delay in how quickly they cater for their segment. Continuously launching new products and ensuring quick to market practices is our mantra.

House brands- K-lite, Volt, Trend Mobile and Axxa Mobile

K-lite: A Singapore brand aimed at providing mobile devices with low range pricing making telecommunications accessible to developing countries. With an already established image and low MOQs……See some of our products here.

Volt: A brand aimed at the African markets to provide mobile devices with low range pricing through independent large retailers to enable greater access for our customers.

Trend Mobile & Axxa Mobile: A brand aimed at the African markets to provide mobile devices with mid-range pricing through independent retailers to enable greater access for our customers.

International business for Karbonn Mobiles

We deal in Karbonn Mobiles, a leading Indian brand interested in bringing phones to the masses. See some of their products here.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Providing readily-available and customisable apps for your organisation of any size. For more information click here.

  • Enterprise Application Software Enterprise closed user group messaging and publications
  • Gaming Platform
    • To host popular games
  • Social Media Apps
    • Designing customisable social media apps for your company

Quality Assurance

CE compliant. IDA certified in Singapore. Constant quality control through third party testing. In country Comprehensive after sales support to cater for device warranties. Help to work with regulatory approval.

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